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Weathertight Warranties Procedures

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To Submit for a WTW:

  • Completely fill out the entire WTW Submittal Package.
  • Provide all documents outlined in the WTW Submittal Package including details.
  • Send information to Sheffield Metals Technical Department. Email is preferred.
  • All products used in a WTW are required to be purchased from SMI. The only exception to this is if the product is not offered by SMI. (i.e. curbs, rigid insulation etc.) All items not supplied by SMI must be approved by the SMI Technical Department.
  • Non Engineered profiles are not approved for WTW applications. The SMI 1.0 FF will not be approved for a WTW in any situation.
  • WTW’s require the minimum use of a synthetic and peel and stick UDL combo installation (Sharkskin Ultra and Ultra SA) but most WTW’s will require a full peel and stick UDL installation (Sharkskin Ultra SA) for WTW approval.
  • WTW’s will require that either Novaflex Metal Roof Sealant, TFC 1000 or APS 500 sealant be used. Novaflex Metal roof Sealant is preferred.
  • All WTW installations are required to be installed per the project engineering requirements. If there are no requirements set the roof will be installed per UL 90.
  • If a penetration is too large to use a pipe boot on, a pre-manufactured curb approved by the SMI Technical Department will be required.
  • Any square penetration will require a pre-manufactured curb approved by the SMI Technical Department.

After Sheffield’s Technical Department receives the submittal package:

  • WTW Submittal Package, roof plan, elevations, specifications and installation details will be reviewed for approval. SMI installation details are recommended for the submittal.
  • If approved Sheffield’s Technical Department will send you:
    • A copy of APPROVED installation details signed by the Technical Department. (Only approved details can be used on a WTW project.)
    • A copy of APPROVED installation details, are required to be onsite at all times.
    • Invoice for required inspections, if required. (All inspections fees must be paid prior to the inspection taking place.)

During the project installation:

  • Inspections are required based on the length and type of WTW; inspections are as follows:
    • A ZOOM will be scheduled with a supervisor of the installation contractor who will be on site for the duration of the project. During the Zoom the approved details will be discussed and any questions answered. This is mandatory and will be required to take place before the project starts.
    • In-Progress – To be conducted while the roof install is in progress, as necessary.
    • Final – To be conducted after the roof is 100% installed.
  • Inspections are to be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance.

After project is completed and all requirements have been met:

  • Sheffield’s Technical Department will send you:
    • The WTW document.
    • Invoice for WTW fee.

After you receive the WTW paperwork:

  • Print three copies of the WTW paperwork.
  • Have the installation contractor and building owner will sign the last page on all three copies of the WTW.
  • Return all three signed WTW’s to Sheffield’s Technical Department (all contact info is on this document as well as the WTW submittal package). Payment should be mailed per the invoice.

    Or (when applicable)

  • Email and have each party sign and scan the WTW until all required signatures are obtained.
  • Email a clean scan with all required signatures to Sheffield’s Technical Department. Scans that are non-legible will not be accepted.

Once your paperwork is received:

  • Review the WTW for completeness and verify payment for invoice has been made.
  • Sheffield will sign off on all copies of the WTW.
  • The Technical Department will keep one of the WTW’s for our records and the remaining two copies or the scanned WTW will be returned to you.

Once you receive the WTW from Sheffield’s Technical Department:

  • You will keep one signed copy for your records.
  • You will send one signed copy to the building owner for their records.

Please feel free to contact the Sheffield Metals Technical Department at anytime for any and all questions concerning Weathertight Warranties.

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