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Leasing vs Purchasing Rollforming Equipment: Which is Best for My Business?

As someone who works in the metal roof or gutter fabricating industry, here’s one vitally important question you should be asking yourself: Should you lease the portable rollforming machinery that your business needs, or should you buy or finance the equipment outright?

Leasing vs Purchasing Rollforming Equipment: Which is Best for My Business?

Are you trying to decide if it’s better to buy or lease portable rollforming equipment at your business? Read on for important advantages and disadvantages of…


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Sheffield Metals is a leader in the distribution of coated and bare metal products, as well as, Engineered Standing Seam Metal Roof (SSMR) Systems. We specialize in providing painted Galvalume® and aluminum for the architecturally driven metal panel industry. Sheffield Metals has the ability to meet a wide array of needs with more than 50 colors continuously stocked. We can also match virtually any custom color to suit a particular project.


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