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Valspar Graffiti Resistance

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Your Buildings Deserve to Be Graffiti-Free.

With graffiti resistance included in all our Building Products coatings, and restoration assistance through alignment with Graffiti Removal Services, Valspar can help keep your buildings beautiful for the ages.

Graffiti-based vandalism is on the rise in the United States, costing an estimated $12 billion in annual cleanup expense. To help keep your buildings looking their best, Valspar offers built-in graffiti resistance in all our Building Products coatings, as well as post-construction renovation services with an industry-leading graffiti removal specialist.


Graffiti Resistance with No Added Costs for Specialty Coating, Sacrificial Clear Topcoat or Third Coat

We’ve tested and approved an ASTM-compliant graffiti-resistant system for all our Building Products coatings. This means that every coating in our product line is protected against the dangers of disfiguring damages from graffiti vandalism. No matter which Valspar coating you specify for your building, all have been approved for graffiti resistance as determined by following a specified removal practice on a number of graffiti types, per ASTM D6578 / D6578M.

Covers Existing & New Construction

Valspar’s graffiti resistance extends to coatings which already have been used in construction, as well. Whether buildings are long-standing or new construction, they are protected. It’s a major product benefit and a cost-effective solution that will be welcomed by anyone concerned about the rise of expensive graffiti vandalism. There’s peace of mind in knowing that the coatings you specify and the products you trust are graffiti resistant, too.


Speedy, Safe & Accurate Restoration

Many experts say that a key component of successful graffiti prevention is immediate removal within 24 to 48 hours, and many building codes now contain regulations regarding the timely removal of graffiti. Especially when monumental buildings have been vandalized, environmental and structurally sensitive restoration services are particularly important. Fortunately, there’s a respected and effective source for help when graffiti vandalism has occurred.

Safe Methods, Impressive Results

Valspar has aligned with Graffiti Removal Services (GRS), a leading expert in the field of graffiti removal. GRS has been successfully fighting graffiti for more than 15 years, and their expert team will work with all parties in the Valspar value chain to quickly outline approved products, techniques and procedures to remove graffiti from all metal building surfaces. All GRS products are easy to apply, a simple brush and wipe off, with no dwell time required. They’ve all been performance tested on the entire line of Valspar Building Products coatings, per ASTM Graffiti Resistance Standards.

Non-toxic, Sustainable & Biodegradable

GRS solutions use environmentally friendly techniques and are non-toxic, water soluble (not solvent-based), biodegradable as well as being EPA and VOC compliant. They contain no phosphates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, Xylene or any other substance known to cause environmental or health destruction.


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