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Valspar Products

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Sheffield Metals offers a full line of Valspar products and finishes:

Sheffield Metals / Valspar Fluropon

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Sheffield Metals / Valspar Valflon

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Sheffield Metals / Valspar WeatherXL

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Sheffield Metals / Valspar Graffiti Resistant

Learn More About Valspar Graffiti Resistance

Valspar manufactures a range of high-performance coating products that meet the most demanding requirements.

Coil Coatings

Coil coating is an environmentally sound and economical way to paint thin sheets of steel or aluminum in a continuous process. The finished sheets are used in various forms of roofing and cladding for appliances, building products and even light fixtures. The main coil product types are based on PVDF (fluropolymer), silicone polyester, PVC and polyester resin technologies.

Extrusion Coatings

Valspar extrusion coatings use superior resin technology for spray applied to extruded aluminum products such as window and door frames, storefront and entry systems, skylights and atriums used in monumental structures, high rise and landmark buildings. Valspar has extrusion coatings that meet AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 standards.

Valspar Products Include...

  • Primers and coatings for coil, extrusion and general industrial products
  • Paints, varnishes and stains for the do-it-yourself and professional markets
  • Coatings for rigid packaging, particularly food and beverage cans
  • Factory-applied coatings for industrial customers and original equipment manufacturer
  • Automotive refinish and specialty coatings
  • Polymers and dispersions for paint and coatings manufacturers
  • Interior protective coatings for aerosol cans for aluminum collapsible tubes
  • Base coats and internal protective coatings for aluminum collapsible tubes
  • Matte, soft-feel and other special-effect coatings for plastic and glass containers for the cosmetics industry
  • UV varnishes, water-based varnishes and laminating adhesives for the graphic arts market

Sheffield Metals International:

Sheffield Metals is a leader in the distribution of coated and bare metal products, as well as engineered standing seam metal roof (SSMR) & wall systems. We specialize in providing painted Galvalume® and aluminum for the architecturally driven metal panel industry. Sheffield Metals has the ability to meet a wide array of needs with more than 50 colors continuously stocked. We can also match virtually any custom color to suit any project.


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